1) While Gremlins has become a Christmas movie due to its time setting, it was however released in the summer of 1984.
Gremlins Facts

2) Each of the animatronic gremlins cost between $30,000 and $40,000.

3) It was Gremlins and Indiana Jones in 1984 that were responsible for the US PG-13 rating. Both films were considered PG but because of the mild violence, which wasn’t enough to be considered an R rating, a compromise had to be made.
Gremlins 1984

4) Gizmo was voiced by Howie Mandel, he also voiced Skeeter, Animal and Bunsen for two seasons of Muppet Babies.

5) The original script was far darker than the end product that was released in 1984. In the scene where Billy’s mother investigates the strange noises in the attic she was originally supposed to be decapitated by the gremlins and her head tossed down the stairs for Billy to discover.
Gremlins Movie

10 Cool ‘Gremlins’ Movie Facts

6) Judge Reinhold (left), who played a small role in the movie, was actually co-star of the biggest film that year, ‘Beverley Hills Cop’.
Gremlins Cast

7) The fictional town of Kingston Falls in which Gremlins is set, is actually the exact same movie-set used for Hill Valley in Back To The Future.
Gremlins Set

8) Stripe was voiced by Frank Welker, who is well-known for his voice work over the past four decades, he has voiced characters in hundreds of cartoons and movies over the years including Megatron in the recent Transformers movies.

9) Phoebe Cates was so terrified of the animatroic gremlins that she would avoid them as much as possible when not filming.
Phoebe Cates

10) The infamous ”there is no Santa Clause” monologue was considered too dark and nearly cut from the film. However, producer Steven Spielberg stepped in an convinced the studio to keep it.
Gremlins Movie